Thursday, 14 July 2011

It begins....


Hello all.
The time you have all been waiting for is upon us.
Lets get straight into it.
We left London, straight from work for London Victoria Station, our overnight coach leaving at 8.30pm.
The coach ride wasnt so bad, the drive took about 10 hours, including 90mins on the ferry across the English Channel.
We arrived in Brussels, at about 6am, on the morning of Day 1.
Our Rock Werchter tickets gave us one free train ride to and from any Belgian rail station to Leuven, the station nearest the festival site, and then from Leuven, there was a free shuttle bus service running to a drop off point.
The shuttle bus system was very well run, with a line up of buses waiting for the steady stream of punters heading to the campsites. It could've been a horrible and tedious experience, but was very quick and painless.
The walk to our campsite of choice was a nightmare and almost killed me as we had decided to bring everything we owned plus 20 kilos of food and water, or at least thats what it seemed like.
We got into the campsite we wanted no problems, and proceeded to set up camp.
By the time we got the tents sorted we had a few hours before it was time to head to the gate.

 --Wade McKay--
-featuring special guests, Megan McKay and Jess Turnbull, and heaps of Belgians.